Magick students at WPHA! come from all backgrounds and beliefs. However…

For optimum results, we strongly suggest that students look very closely at any belief in invisible, all-powerful, judgemental creator beings that hold our behaviors ransom. At the very least we must be able to trust in the energies we feel and not worry that any harmony we find may or may not be a sin. Our ability to work with subtle energies is much more straightforward and effective if we are the ultimate judge of our own behavior.

During a lesson the student can expect to be moderately active, to the best of their ability. Physical activity will often charge up a depleted energetic body, allowing for a more productive lesson.

Note that no tools, crystals, herbs, candles, cards, potions or other “magickal” items are needed for lessons through WPHA! though some students choose to use many of these tools and more. The only thing you need is an open mind.