Magick Lessons –

Unlike systems that foster dependence on a supposedly “superior” being, or even those that promise an equal partnership with one’s teacher, WPHA! discourages artists from performing more than about 20% of the work required to transform a student into an artist. The students will be required to perform the other 80% of the effort necessary to advance the process.  Because lessons are so personalized, magick so diverse and our students so empowered to follow their intuition from one exercise to the next, it would be impossible to describe a “typical” magick lesson. However…

…as a starting point, let’s discuss the basic chakras and the potential exercises we find within them.

Illustration of a meditating figure with the chakras highlighted

Chakras are areas of the body where our personal energy systems “plug into” the greater energy systems around us. We have an infinite number of places where we connect with different energies, but the seven points listed below are considered some of the major chakras and each one has a different type of energy it is connected to or associated with.

Root Chakra – 
Our foundational energy center is located at the base of our spine, it allows us to pull energy in from the Earth to revitalize, cleanse, balance and nourish our bodies. It awakens through dance, drumming, reducing stress, primal exercises, massage, meditation, hot tubs, good food and drink, anything that satisfies our base desires. Finding and clearing blockages in the root chakra can affect any number of changes in the physical body, facilitate more economic security, improve relationships, lift depression and more.

Second Chakra –
Our creative energy center connects in or around our navels. It awakens through our creative efforts in imagination, play, art, self expression, music, etc. When was the last time you got really playful and silly with someone? Blocks in this area frequently manifest as boredom, lack of emotions, or sexual issues. Clearing these blocks nearly always lead to significant improvements in our relationship with ourselves; allowing us to love ourselves more and criticise ourselves less.

Third Chakra –
Our personal drive and ambition to move into the world is centered in our solar plexus.Humans have created an entire language around the way our “guts” feel as we move assertively into the world. When this chakra is clear we take ourselves and our dreams seriously, when it’s blocked we feel stuck and ineffective. How many projects have you cast aside because they seemed impossible? Clarifying these energies can help you move from dreamer to doer.

Heart Chakra –
Our connection to other beings of all kinds is centered in the heart. The heart is the connection point between the “lower” energies of the earth and the “higher” energies of spirit. Our hearts awaken when we choose to be honest with ourselves about who we truly are and what we truly want. It’s not a quick and easy process, most of us have layers upon layers of blocks that manifest themselves as the emotional “masks” that we wear to protect our hearts from pain. Heart-based connections are demonstrably vital to our well-being, but they have become increasingly difficult to cultivate as we age and adapt to our isolationist culture. With magick and practice we can open our hearts to ourselves, the earth, spirit and our communities bringing more love, joy and hope to the planet and our lives.

Throat Chakra –
Our power to communicate relies heavily on our throat chakra and how we use our voices. We sing, we chant, we shout, we practice saying things like “no” and “that’s none of your business”. While many people require attention on this chakra, those from more subdued families and cultures need to do a lot more. Women often find this work especially challenging due to both cultural and religious conditioning.

(Note: I’m not nearly as familiar with the energies needed for the next two chakras due to my own need for continued healing and growth. The following is what I currently believe to be true, based on my studies.)

Third Eye Chakra –
Our ability to see beyond the obvious, physical world and into the realms of energy and possibility rests on the browbone between our eyes. Meditations and visualizations are common ways to engage this chakra, with advanced artists and students venturing into astral projection and remote viewing.

Crown Chakra –
This chakra is the other end of the root chakra, allowing us to expel our frazzled energies back into the aether for clarification and healing. Here we invoke the highest possible vibration to connect us to the divine within and without.

One Body, Two Sources of Energy –
For proper energetic balance and flow, we need to recognize that we have two interdependent energy systems. One pulls energy from the physical world and into the body, the other pulls energy from the astral world. Many religions and systems of thought have emphasised the importance of the connection to the astral through the crown chakra but fewer give equal importance to the energetic connections of the physical body through the root chakra. We need both the physical body and the etheric body to work in joyful partnership.

Depending on each student’s need, a lesson might seem like any of the following; a low-key counseling session, a wild chanting and dancing romp, a guided meditation and energetic massage, reorganizing an important space to allow for better energy flow, creating a blueprint for a better life, perhaps even a sewing lesson. The process is fluid and completely customized by and for the student.

The only thing we promise is that it’s magick and using it can and will change your life.

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