When love is my religion, the whole world is my church.Technically speaking, WPHA! operates as a church, however, being founded by a former atheist, we studiously avoid using the word “God”. Instead, we encourage you to define and use your own words for divinity and the higher energies. These are ours;

The All That Is – (TATI) –
Everything. The collective sum of all energies known and unknown. The creation that creates itself through its creations.Fundamentally, TATI is true neutral in every possible way. When in harmony with TATI, life is sustainable. When we are out of balance as an individual, a family, a community, or a culture, we suffer.

Inner light –
That divine and perfect spark within you that is still just as bright, pure, and innocent as it was on the day you were born.

Prism – 
Everything you have attached yourself to and limited yourself with throughout your life acts like a prism – reflecting, refracting, and blocking your inner light. We all block, express, generate, and gravitate toward different energies, depending on how our individual prisms are aligned. WPHA! artists actively work to clear away energetic blocks in order to polish up their prisms and let the energy shine through.

We actively avoid the idea of a judgemental, overlord “God” due to the overwhelming absence of any objective proof of such an entity, yet we do strongly believe in the divinity and perfection of creation  -TATI (see above).
TATI has no anthropomorphic traits, despite the human tendency to attribute them to every-freakin-thing.


Be kind to yourself. It's hard to be happy when someone keeps being mean to you

Negative, shaming, judgemental “self-talk” – all the unkind things we say to ourselves inside our minds everyday – hinders our ability to do, say, and be what we need to in order to improve our lives. That hypercritical voice is often linked to old ideas about a punishing “God” that must be uprooted before true self healing can begin.

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