At WPHA! we are not shamans, gurus, priests, healers, or therapists, nor are we specially trained seventh degree wizards with the powers of Harry Potter or Doctor Strange. We are merely artists familiar enough with the tools of energy to manifest things for ourselves. We merely want to help others learn these magick arts as well.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We recognize the infinite vibrations of the world around us and attune ourselves to the opportunities and objects we want to attract into our lives, while tuning out the things that no longer serve us. Creative, inspired thoughts generate beautiful results in our own lives and in the lives of those we choose to connect with.

During a typical magick lesson the student can expect the artist to:

  • Listen
  • Offer a meditation designed to charge up the energy body and connect to the infinite source of all energy
  • Listen some more
  • Offer assistance in clearing away blocks; physical, emotional, energetic, mental, etc.
  • Share information, tools, support, and/or advice to help clarify the student’s vision for their life
  • Continue to listen and draw out the objections to improving one’s situation
  • Help develop a set of “quests” (aka objectives or goals) to strengthen the student’s energetic vibration and empower them on their chosen path


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